Social Media Trends for 2021
Do you use social media as part of your digital marketing strategy? We're taking a closer look at the predicted social media trends for 2021 to help shape your social strategy.
Social Media Trends for 2021
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Social Media Trends for 2021

Social Media Trends for 2021

Social Media Trends for 2021

If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s how quickly things can change. For digital marketers, 2020 presented a host of unique challenges. Marketing strategies were forced to pivot, businesses were forced to adapt. 

There’s no denying that Social Media was one of the stand-out stars of 2020. It’s estimated that the average internet user in 2020 had 8 social platforms. That’s up from an average of 6.2 social platforms in 2015. Facebook alone has over 2 billion users worldwide, and these figures are only estimated to grow.

Given the volume of users on social media, there’s a good chance you’re incorporating it into your digital marketing strategy. (If you’re not, you probably should be!)

To give your social media strategy a head start, we’re taking a look at predicted social media trends for 2021.

Social Media Trends for 2021

Video Continues its Rise 

In 2018, an estimated 85% of internet users in the United States watched online video content on one of their devices. The demand for more video content is also growing. An estimated 54% of consumers want to see more video from brands or businesses that they support. 

Social media platforms are providing users with more ways than ever before to consume this video content. From Instagram Reels, to YouTube Q&A sessions, there are many opportunities to use video to engage with your potential audience.

Ephemeral Content Will Continue to Grow

“What is ephemeral content?” you ask. Put simply, this is content that is only available to users for a short period of time. Think Snapchat, or Facebook / Instagram Stories. 

According to estimates, Instagram Stories had an average of 500 million daily active users in 2019. This is up from 400 million in 2018.

The opportunities to reach and engage with your potential audience through ephemeral content is very real. Even if you’re only using stories once or twice a week, you should definitely consider incorporating this content into your social media strategy for 2021. 

Social Ecommerce Will Continue to Grow

It’s not surprising that 2020 saw a phenomenal increase in people shopping online. According to Stastistica, Ecommerce retail sales accounted for 16% of sales in the US in Q2 2020.

Social platforms are responding to this growth, and offering increasing opportunities for businesses to use online shopping. Instagram recently introduced Instagram Checkout, allowing users to purchase items without ever leaving the Instagram app. Facebook shopping is also seeing growth. 

If you have a product to sell, make sure you’re looking at Social Ecommerce as part of your social strategy. 

Brand Authenticity

While it’s true that more and more people are using social media, it also means that it can be NOISY! Users are increasingly looking to engage with brands that they can respect and relate to. 

Brand authenticity is going to play a big role in 2021 and beyond. Understanding your brand, what makes your offering unique, and how you solve a problem for your audience are critical. Make sure you’re taking the time to engage with your audience. It’s not always about the hard sell! 

We’ve said it before, the changing face of the digital marketing ecosphere is one of the reasons that we love what we do. But rapid change can make it really tough to forecast strategies. It can also make it difficult to predict where you’re most likely to see the greatest success for your business. The social media experts at 1 Stop Marketing would be happy to help ensure your social media strategy for 2021 is a success. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation today.  Call us on (954) 632-3905, or click here to send us a message today.