1 Stop Marketing Solutions | Social Media Continues to Grow in Popularity
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Social Media Continues to Grow in Popularity

Social Media Continues to Grow in Popularity

According to a recent research report from Compete, traffic to social media sites continues to climb, as more and more web users flock to sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Last year alone, these two sites saw over 2.1 trillion page views – nearly double from 2007.   The stats are based on the daily Web use of more than two million Compete community members.

Among the top search engines, Google led the way in online search last year–capturing 68% of the market share with 116 billion search queries, up 8 points from 2007. Yahoo had the highest average rate of paid search referrals, with 10% of the volume coming from sponsored sites.

In 2008, visits to publishers’ sites like The New York Times, MSN, CNN and others rose 33%, while visits to social network sites Digg, Facebook, Twitter and others rose 23%. 

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