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Pay Per Click / 12.01.2020

PPC marketing is an excellent platform to help promote your brand, generate sales, and increase consumer interest in your business. While digital marketers will focus on the importance of a well-tuned digital strategy, even the most well executed digital strategy can be brought to its...

Digital Marketing / 29.10.2019

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field. Successful marketers understand the importance of staying on top of current trends, committing time to each project, and harnessing the different platforms and tools that are available. Marketing campaigns will have their ups and downs. Some days, it...

Uncategorized / 10.12.2008

The term "social media" has been bandied about by us web industry types as a catch all phrase for a number of different web technologies and sites.  These include Twitter, Digg and Facebook.  If there was a holy trinity of social media, those three would...