3 Tips on Writing Great Ad Copy
Good ad copy can really boost your digital marketing efforts. Here are our three tips on writing great ad copy. Click to learn more.
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3 Tips on Writing Great Ad Copy

3 Tips on Writing Great Ad Copy

3 Tips on Writing Great Ad Copy

PPC marketing is an excellent platform to help promote your brand, generate sales, and increase consumer interest in your business. While digital marketers will focus on the importance of a well-tuned digital strategy, even the most well executed digital strategy can be brought to its knees if your ad copy doesn’t spark a user’s interest. Getting your PPC platform online is the first step, creating great ad copy that will encourage users to click on your ads is the next. These three tips can help your ad copy stand out from the pack.  

Ad Copy Writing Tips

Be Honest. 

Be truthful in your advertising. There’s no point in making outrageous claims in your ad copy that will not hold true. Most consumers nowadays will research a product before making a purchase, with reviews often one of the first points of reference people refer to. If you’ve been dishonest in advertising your product, your reviews may reflect that. Be honest, and let your satisfied audience base speak to the advantages that your business offers. 

Be Brief and Concise. 

Choose your adjectives carefully. Don’t overpower your ad copy with too many adjectives. Get straight to the point, and provide the information that your customers need to help inform their decision.  Think of it from the consumer’s perspective, they want to know what you’re offering, and why they should choose you. 

Highlight your Brand’s USPs. 

Great ad copy is reflective of your brand’s identity. If one of your brand’s unique selling points is free delivery, highlight that. Focus on what makes your brand stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

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Most great ad copy comes about as the result of testing, trial and error, and learning how your audience is responding. The three tips above will provide you with a solid base for your ad copy, that will help to highlight what makes your business great. Alternatively, you could opt to use the services of a digital agency who are well versed in crafting unique ad copy. At 1Stop Marketing Solutions, our digital experts understand that great ad copy is intricately tied to your business identity, and provide multiple iterations of ad copy to test what messaging works best for your brand. Get in touch today to learn more!