Five Minute SEO Audit
Search Engine Optimization can boost your website ranking. Here’s a five minute SEO audit that you can do yourself. Read more.
Stopwatch for 5 Minute SEO Audit
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Five Minute SEO Audit

Stopwatch for 5 Minute SEO Audit

Five Minute SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of optimizing your website to rank on the Search Engines. Done correctly, SEO can improve your visibility on search engines like Google significantly! 

SEO involves a number of different areas. These can include: 

  • Link Building
  • Content Creation 
  • Technical SEO
  • Website Organization 

If you’re not a digital marketer, the idea of Search Engine Optimization may seem daunting. Yet there are simple things that every website owner can (and should!) do to help their SEO. We’ve put together this 5 minute SEO audit to help. 

5 Minute SEO Audit

If you’re looking at ways to improve the visibility of your website, SEO is your friend. Find out ways you can boost your rankings with this quick 5 minute SEO audit. We’ve broken it down to basics, so even novice website owners can benefit. 


Keywords, or more accurately of  late, key phrases are core search terms that you want your website to rank for. Your keywords should be focused around your business. You have probably already identified what your ideal audience looks like. Keywords are how you can reach your audience with useful, informative content. 

Like most things in the world of digital, your keywords should be an ever evolving strategy. The first step is to determine if your current keywords are working for you. To do this, you need to see what keywords are triggering your website to show. Here’s how: 

  1. Use an SEO tool, like SEMRush. SEMRush is a fantastic one-stop shop for all things SEO. This includes keywords! You’ll need to sign up to use the service. There are free plans available, and tiered subscription services. 
  2. Enter your website into the domain overview. This is going to give you a bird’s eye view of how your website appears to the search engines. In particular, we’re looking at the organic search traffic. This will highlight keywords that are triggering your website to show in the search results! 
  3. Determine if the keywords that you’re ranking for are still relevant. With SEMRush, you can also track your keywords overtime – so you can see your SEO efforts paying off!

Chart showing keyword changes on search engines | 5 Minute SEO AuditNow that you have an idea of the keywords your site ranks for, ask yourself: Are they relevant? If they are, these can be the building blocks for your site content! 

Optimize Your Blog Posts

Blogs are a great way of speaking to your audience. But they’re also a key component of an SEO strategy! When crafting your blogs, you should be building content around a keyword or phrase. These should be the backbone of each blog post. 

Review your most recent blog posts. Ask yourself: Are they optimized? Plug-ins like Yoast can be a great way to validate the SEO of your content. 

User Journey

User journey is a critical part of your website. A clear user journey can significantly improve conversion rates on a website. 

Consider if you’d never used your website before. When you land on your home page, is it clear what the site is for? Are you directing users through your site? Things to consider include: 

  • Call To Actions – Is your CTA clear and visible? 
  • Text Size – Is your website text readable? 
  • Load Time – Does your website load quickly? 
  • Mobile Friendly – Is your site mobile friendly? (Find out with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test)

For more details on how you can improve the UX on your site, check out this article from WordStream.

This 5 minute SEO audit is a great way to start improving your site’s optimization. If you’re looking for a more detailed audit, we’d be happy to help. Claim your FREE website audit by contacting us today.