Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
Marketing is all about connecting with a customer. Today, we’re looking at digital marketing vs. traditional marketing. Which channel should you choose?
Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing,Advantages of Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The purpose of marketing is to connect with potential customers. From small business to global brands, making that connection with customers (old and new) is important. Whether you’re aiming to drive subscriptions for a service or drive up sales, marketing is key. 

Understanding where to focus your marketing efforts is trickier, particularly if you don’t have a large marketing budget. When every dollar counts, it’s even more important to choose the marketing channels that are going to deliver your goals. 

Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing – An Overview

Should you be focusing on digital marketing? Or more traditional marketing? Understanding the advantages of the different channels can help you make the decision that’s right for your business. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing that uses digital technology and the internet for marketing purposes. There are different types of online digital marketing. Some of the most common types include: 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing


What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing generally involves advertising many of us are familiar with. The ads are typically shown for a set fee. Common forms of traditional marketing include: 

  • Magazine ads
  • Newspaper ads
  • Radio ads
  • TV ads
  • Phone book ads


Advantages of Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

For many bigger businesses, harnessing both digital and traditional marketing methods helps to increase the chances of success. However, for smaller businesses, focusing on the marketing channel most likely to deliver their objectives is key. Below are advantages of digital marketing vs. traditional marketing: 

  • Lower Costs – Marketing often takes a big chunk out of a financial budget. Traditional marketing can often come at a heavy cost. For many small businesses, this cost is too high to afford with a limited marketing budget. Digital marketing can be a more affordable avenue. Smaller investments can produce great results. Plus, lower costs help to improve return on investment.
  • Easily Measured – Traditional marketing can be difficult to measure. Was the surge in orders last week due to the TV ad that ran the night before? Digital marketing makes measuring results easier. Marketers can set up very specific tracking parameters for their campaigns. This makes breaking out campaigns for reporting far easier. It’s also far easier to pinpoint if one campaign was more successful than another. 
  • Adaptable – How we interact with our digital world is constantly changing. Similarly, the technology itself continues to develop.
    An adaptable marketing strategy is one that is more likely to succeed. Being able to quickly update creative or ad copy is important. It also makes it far easier for businesses to quickly advertise events or promotions. 
  • Brand Authority – Building brand loyalty is an important component to acquiring and maintaining a customer base. Digital marketing provides greater opportunity to develop this brand authority. Consumers are looking for brands that they can trust. This trust and authority is developed in a number of ways. The website needs to be easy to navigate and user-friendly. The brand must generate informative, quality content. Social media has added another way for brand’s to build their authority; it’s given brands the ability to speak directly to their customers. 
  • Targeting – Digital channels provide very detailed levels of targeting. Location, demographics and interests are just a few targeting options available. 
  • Expanded Reach – The internet is a global place. With more of us online, businesses can reach a far wider audience. “Going viral” can boost a business profile overnight. It’s truly remarkable.

Taking the first step into digital marketing can be overwhelming. You may find that using a digital marketing agency is best for your business. If you’d be interested in finding out how the digital experts at 1Stop Marketing Solutions can help, get in touch. Book your complimentary consultation today.