COVID-19 Updated Google Ads Industry Benchmarks
COVID-19 is affecting many areas of our lives. It's also impacting the digital marketing industry. Click to learn more about the updated Google Ads industry benchmarks.
Google Ads Industry Benchmarks
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COVID-19 Updated Google Ads Industry Benchmarks

Google Ads Benchmarks During COVID-19 CTR

COVID-19 Updated Google Ads Industry Benchmarks

We’re living during unprecedented times. The spread of COVID-19 is affecting people across the globe. In the United States, over 90% of the American population is under some form of lockdown. The virus is impacting daily lives, businesses, and more. 

As governments and scientists work towards stemming the spread of the coronavirus, businesses and people alike are having to adapt rapidly. For some, the spread of coronavirus has caused traffic to spike significantly. Conversely, other industries have seen enormous drops in traffic. Travel and hospitality were particularly hard hit. 

Digital marketing has also been impacted by the pandemic. Google Ad’s performance on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) has also been impacted by the spread of COVID-19. Digital marketers are scrambling to adapt and understand this rapidly changing online environment. 

Updated Google Ads Industry Benchmarks 

Each year, Wordstream publish their Google Ads industry benchmarks based on amalgamated data from hundreds of advertising accounts. It serves as a useful benchmark for digital marketers when assessing their client’s digital performance. In March, they offered a sneak peak of the predicted industry benchmarks for 2020. COVID-19 has changed everything. 

Wordstream have updated their benchmarks in response to the changing landscape. Metrics that they have looked at include: 

  • Average click through rate by industry 
  • Average cost per click by industry 
  • Average conversion rate by industry
  • And more.

Interestingly, marketers are reporting that average CTRs have increased during the pandemic. 

As more advertisers are scaling back their digital ad spend, competition has dropped. This is pushing down average CPCs. 


To see more updated industry benchmarks, you can read the original blog post from WordStream here.

Digital marketing can be challenging at the best of times. During a time of rapid change, it’s important to have an adaptive digital strategy. A digital agency can offer adaptive, responsive marketing strategies for your business. If you’d be interested in finding out how the digital experts at 1Stop Marketing Solutions can help, get in touch. Book your complimentary consultation today.