4 Digital Marketing Nightmares
Halloween can be a scary time of the year, even for digital marketers. Here are 4 digital marketing nightmares, and how to avoid them!
Digital Marketing Nightmares
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4 Digital Marketing Nightmares

4 Digital Marketing Nightmares

4 Digital Marketing Nightmares

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field. Successful marketers understand the importance of staying on top of current trends, committing time to each project, and harnessing the different platforms and tools that are available. Marketing campaigns will have their ups and downs. Some days, it will feel like your digital strategy is bang on the money. Other days, you’ll be wracking your brain trying to figure out why visitors to your site have all but disappeared. 

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re taking a closer look at the spookier side of digital marketing. 

4 Digital Marketing Nightmares

Forgetting to Renew your Domain 

Nowadays, it takes just a few clicks of your mouse to purchase a domain. It’s not surprising that renewing a domain is a task that can slip the mind. It some cases it could be that your employee who would handle renewals has left, or perhaps your billing or credit card information has been updated. Regardless, the results are the same! 

Forgetting to renew your domain can put your precious online real-estate in jeopardy, so it’s important to not let this nightmare come to life. Many domain providers will allow you to purchase the domain for up to 10 years. See if your provider offers email reminders 7 days before your domain expires, or what your auto-renewal options are. 

Your Website Goes Down 

Even the biggest websites go down at some point, but it doesn’t make it any less of a nightmare! It’s important to understand why your website went down, and how you can prevent a recurrence in the future. Incidentally, this is also why it’s best to ensure that any changes to your website are rolled out during periods of low-traffic (such as overnight). This ensures that in a worst-case-scenario of your website going down, it’s affecting the lowest volume of potential visitors. 

Other reasons your website has gone down may be down to your hosting provider. In these instances, you may not even know that your site has been going down repeatedly. To help avoid this, set up custom alerts in your Google Analytics. This way, you will be sent an email alert if Google Analytics is failing to record any visits.  

Not Optimizing for Mobile 

Did you know that in 2018, 262.4 million people accessed the internet through their mobile phone, according to Statista.com. When you consider that there were 275 million internet users in the U.S. in 2018, you can understand the huge percentage of the population that are using their smartphones to get online. In fact, some estimates show that one in five American adults use only their smartphone to get online – they don’t have traditional broadband at home. And predictions show that mobile use is only going to grow. 

Not optimizing your website for mobile will not only affect your SEO rankings, it increases the likelihood of mobile users bouncing off your page. Similarly, email campaigns that are not mobile optimized can prompt users to delete the email without even trying to read the content. The importance of optimizing for mobile really cannot be understated. 

Your Rankings Have Dropped

Dropping in Google rankings can be a nightmare. Lower rankings will affect traffic to your site, and can impact your bottom line. Unfortunately, Google no longer provides notifications and announcements in the Webmaster Tools account. 

It’s important to keep an eye on the traffic to your site regularly. If you notice sudden changes to the traffic profile, you’ll want to investigate. Similarly, using tools such as Google Search Console will allow you to keep an eye on your search rankings and performance. 

Don’t let the pitfalls of these digital marketing nightmares get you down. The experts at 1 Stop Marketing Solutions understand the intricacies of the digital ecosphere, and are here to help. We’ll take the nightmare out of your digital strategy. Contact us today for a free consultation. Book your complimentary consultation today!