3 SEO Tools To Create Optimized Content
Improve your website’s content with these 3 SEO tools to create optimized content. Click to learn more.
SEO Tools To Create Optimized Content
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3 SEO Tools To Create Optimized Content

3 SEO Tools To Create Optimized Content | 1 Stop Marketing Solutions

3 SEO Tools To Create Optimized Content

If you’ve been working in the digital marketing sector in the past few years, you’ve probably heard this phrase many times. “Content is King!”

It’s true, in the past few years the way that internet users engage with and digest information on the internet has changed significantly. Think back to the beginning days of the Internet. It almost felt like the search function was a more sophisticated phone book!

Over time, internet algorithms have become more intelligent, more predictive, and better at understanding user intent. In turn, how digital marketers package up their information has adapted. 

Less than 10 years ago, “keyword-stuffing” was a common SEO hack. Essentially, it involved cramming your keyword into a 500 word article as many times as possible. Algorithms responded by ranking pages with “keyword-stuffing” higher. 

In many cases, the result was articles and web pages that were difficult to read and not user friendly. It really impacted the user’s end experience with the website! 

Fast forward to today. Keyword-stuffing is no longer the norm. In fact, it’s now frowned upon and can get your site penalized by the search engines. That means your website ranking can drop – quite significantly!

Instead, it’s now about quality content, rather than just quantity. Your content should answer a specific query. It should offer solutions. Great content goes beyond, and anticipates potential questions or concerns your audience may have. It becomes a respected reference. 

So the question is, how can you create quality content that responds to your audience needs? These 3 SEO tools will help you create optimized content. 

3 SEO Tools To Create Optimized Content

If you’ve ever run a Google search for SEO content optimization tools, you’ll see thousands of results. Some tools are free. Others offer certain features for free, but the more sophisticated tools require payment. 

So how do you know which ones are worth investing in? We recommend these SEO tools to help optimize your content today. 

Google Keyword Planner

The first step to optimized content is understanding what your audience is searching for. Google Keyword Planner is a powerhouse tool for just this. 

Use Google Keyword Planner to identify what your audience is researching. You can also use it to identify related topics of interest for future content. The keyword planner can also help show you historic search trends. This helps you see if certain topics are seasonal. Plan your content around seasonal trends for maximum benefit!


SEMRush is a one stop shop for all things SEO. SEMRush offers subscribers the option to use their SEO Writing Assistant. 

Using their SEO assistant, check how SEO-friendly your content is. The tool will check for readability, links, structure and keyword density. It will also recommend related keywords that can help further optimize your content. Click here to get the SEO Writing Assistant tool

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a reliable and easy-to-use optimization tool. Available as a WordPress plugin, it is a great way to see how to improve the SEO value of your content. 

With Yoast SEO, you can easily input meta information, including meta title and meta description. You can also enter the keyword or keyphrase that you’re trying to rank for. Yoast SEO then offers you a convenient checklist to check the SEO of your content. It will check for the frequency of your keyword. Get Yoast SEO by clicking here. 

These are just a few of the SEO tools that can help you create optimized content. If you’d be interested in understanding the current SEO value of your website, the digital experts at 1 Stop Marketing would be happy to help. Call us on (954) 632-3905 or click here to get your FREE consultation today.